This one was once again inspired by the book “Serendipity Quilts” by Susan Carlson mentioned in yesterday’s post. Along with the sun, she included a moon pattern, which looks like this:

0812 1

These sun and moon patterns just seem to call my name!  In my art journal, I used a ramekin for the outer circle, and freehanded the rest of the design. I added the waves because, to me, the moon and waves are just a natural match.

0812 2

I feel like they gel so well in this little painting. Used my Cotman travel palette to add the color.   This was a very relaxing end of the day wind-down, and I was pretty pleased with the result.  I’d like to come up with my own sun and moon portraits/profiles, and I’m really looking forward to the prospect!    It’s all new territory for me, but what isn’t?   Onward!

Can’t believe Wednesday’s already here!   Preseason starts tomorrow people!   (Well, I guess it’s already begun.)   It’s my annual signal that Fall has boarded the plane and is taxiing down the runway!   Let’s do the Autumn dance!   *cue the music*

Petals & Plumage

I enjoyed making yesterday’s painting so much (in my mixed media journal) that I thought I’d try to make a few adjustments, and recreate it on watercolor paper.   Thanks again to Bella, for the fabulous photo!

5 x 7" Arches 140# CP
5 x 7″ Arches 140# CP

If you prefer one over the other, I’d love to hear which one!   I seem to be pretty hooked on coneflowers lately, hehe.

I hope you’re making a splash somewhere wonderful today!   Peace.


Oh, I’m having fun flooding my paper with water and then setting off fireworks with color.   This painting was inspired by tutorials from Birgit O’Connor.    I’m very happy that many artists have paved the way before me, and are happy to share their techniques and inspiration.    As have many of you reading this right now!   I want to thank all of you so kindly for your advice and feedback as I continue sailing forward.

7 x 5″ Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed

I think I could work on skies all day, and never get tired of it.   I’ll probably never get the chance to find that out, but a little time at the end of the day will do for now.  🙂

Colors (all M. Graham):  Viridian, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna.   This one was fun; I really enjoyed it!    Did it turn out like I thought?   Heck no, but I am learning to love what the medium gives me.   It’s hard to go wrong with that attitude.   Took awhile to get there, but it was worth the journey!

I wish all of you a most creative, enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful weekend ahead.   May paint puddles prevail!

Water, water

Water and skies are what I’m working on.   Rolling waves are something I’d love to try, but I feel like I need a larger block of time to attempt it…..maybe this weekend.

4 1/4
4 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ Arches 140# CP

Anyway, I’m enjoying the journey! One thing I will say is that Arches 140-lb. cold pressed paper (I’ve not tried the 300 lb. yet) makes the road a LOT smoother and more manageable for this beginner.   I feel like “allowing” myself to paint on good paper really accelerated my progress to the point that it was well worth the cost.   (There are real bargains to be had at Blick.)    We’re worth it! (I’m thinking of that old L’oreal commercial….)  Colors brought to you by M. Graham:  quin rose, cad yellow, alizarin crimson, perm. green, phthalo blue; bit of wn rose madder

I also think that working without a fixed end result in mind really helps with watercolor. I’ve learned to expect happy accidents and twists in the road, instead of being surprised or put off by them.  I think that painting every day is helping my confidence so that when those twists and turns come, I have a better idea how to manage them.    I’ve also learned to really be happy with what the paint decides to do on its own (it’s often much better than whatever I had planned anyhow).    The best part is that I may love watercolor painting now, halfway through my July “challenge” month of painting every day, more than I ever did before.   A nice bonus.   And that’s the last of my pre-torn small pieces of paper!

What’s that Rod Stewart song from the early 90s?   I’m thinking of the line:  “Where the ocean meets the sky, I’ll be sailing….”   Happy Friday Eve, fair skies and refreshing cool breezes to all. Peace.

Once again…

revisiting a mountain scene…but this time, with a more dramatic sky.

0707 painting

Skies in watercolor, for me, are still like a box of chocolates (to quote Forrest Gump). I never know what I’m gonna get!  I am starting to feel a bit more confident with my skies. I am (sloooowly) taking a Craftsy course on landscapes with Shari Blaukopf.   I’ve only seen the first few lessons, but I did review the sky lessons once again before jumping in to this painting.

For the first time, I used a larger piece of paper (5 x 8″) and the big (#16!) round brush that Shari suggested.   It carries tons of water, which took some getting used to (my normal brush is much smaller, a #6 round), but it kept me from fussing, and helped add to the softer dimension in this sky, I think.

For my reference, I took this photo yesterday afternoon from my front porch.  We are on top of a hill, and the view at times is pretty incredible:

0707 reference

I haven’t conquered skies by a long shot, but since they’ve been fascinating me since day one, they’re worth the effort.   I shall press on!   I wish everyone a peaceful and productive Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll be ready with a bird for Draw A Bird Day tomorrow!

Dawn? Dusk?


Trying to work on my skies in watercolor.   And beach scenes.   This is the kind of thing I want to be painting.   Anything at all to do with the beach, water, skies….especially at this time of year, it’s pretty much the only thing I think about when I sit down to create art.

This is about 4×4″, and stars cobalt blue, quin rose, azo yellow, and a bit of ultramarine blue and indigo.   Touch of viridian green as well.  Didn’t have much time last night; this was rushed to presses!   Might have more time this weekend (I hope).

Speaking of which, the weekend is so close, I can smell it!  Happy Thursday!  Peace.



I only started this blog to keep myself honest: to keep me making art during busy season, because it de-stresses me like nothing else.  (And I just found this out last fall.)


Because we all know how that goes, right?   We find something that makes us feel really great….and then we find a hundred reasons not to do that thing.  Everything (and everyone) else become sooo much more important than us taking care of ourselves.  Thus, I blogified it.  To make me do it.  And it worked!  But I had no idea that in this process, I’d find this whole community of people who produce beautiful artwork, and/or who encourage those who do….it’s been a very cool scene!   And I feel very blessed to be a part of it.


I just wanted to thank all of you who encourage and inspire me, who give me great tips and suggestions, who cheer me on and make me feel so great about what I’m trying to do, create, be, here in this world.  Really.  It means a lot.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you, more than you know!    Happy Sunday, and I hope you hug someone today.  And that they hug you right back!  Peace.