Whimsical Flowers

I’ve been intrigued by the work of Claudia McGill and Kerfe at Method Two Madness for many moons, and been thinking about incorporating words and mixed media collage more into my abstract work.  I picked up a random book page I’d started cutting words from last summer, and these words jumped out at me, so I thought it would be fun to let them inspire my artwork.

022016I created this mainly with Neocolor II crayons, adding words cutout from a (really bad) book, adding black acrylic paint as a finishing touch.   I can see why artists get hooked on circles!    Other similar posts using this circular technique from Cat Hand on YouTube are here, here and here.   Seriously, if you ever just wanna have fun with color and play like a little kid, those Neocolor crayons and that circle technique are sure to please.

Enjoy the weekend and make time to play today.   You owe it to yourself.


This one was once again inspired by the book “Serendipity Quilts” by Susan Carlson mentioned in yesterday’s post. Along with the sun, she included a moon pattern, which looks like this:

0812 1

These sun and moon patterns just seem to call my name!  In my art journal, I used a ramekin for the outer circle, and freehanded the rest of the design. I added the waves because, to me, the moon and waves are just a natural match.

0812 2

I feel like they gel so well in this little painting. Used my Cotman travel palette to add the color.   This was a very relaxing end of the day wind-down, and I was pretty pleased with the result.  I’d like to come up with my own sun and moon portraits/profiles, and I’m really looking forward to the prospect!    It’s all new territory for me, but what isn’t?   Onward!

Can’t believe Wednesday’s already here!   Preseason starts tomorrow people!   (Well, I guess it’s already begun.)   It’s my annual signal that Fall has boarded the plane and is taxiing down the runway!   Let’s do the Autumn dance!   *cue the music*

That Time? (Draw A Bird Day, August reprise)

Can’t believe a whole month has gone by since the last Draw A Bird Day (reprise) was celebrated on July 8! I hope both participants and viewers enjoyed creating / checking out the bird art!   Here is the post from A-Wing and A-Way that informed us all of the official Draw A Bird Day holiday on April 8.

0808 DAB Aug

This month, I plan to do a recap blog post in a couple of days with a link to everyone’s bird art work. I don’t want to miss anyone, so please add a comment on this blog post if you’d like to be included in that recap!

The photo I found for this drawing was very helpful, as I wanted to see how detailed I could get with my little bird this time.   Lyn Topinka of http://www.northwestbirding.com was kind enough to give me permission to use her photo, which can be found at this link.   The kindness and generosity of photographers and artists alike continues to amaze me.   Thank you so much, Lyn, for sharing your photos with the world on your site!   This photo shows so much detail that it became a road map for my pen lines.   It is a joy to draw with a photo such as this.

It’s Saturday, and summer is beginning to wind down.   Make the most of it in whatever way will refresh you best!   Peace and happy chirping to all today!

Magenta Memories

magenta shoes 041715

Not sure what led me to start sorting through the memory drawer yesterday…I didn’t know a drawer could hold so many things! And there are two more to go!   

I know we’ve saved other shoes from our baby-girl-now-24’s growing-up years, but this pair is a family favorite.   I taught her to say “ma-gen-ta” when we got these (I guess she was around two or so), and boy, she told everyone she had ma-gen-ta shoes.  It was the sweetest thing. 

I’ve never tried to draw a pair of shoes before, but  I couldn’t resist a quick sketch of these with my “ma-gen-ta” watercolor pencil (Derwent non-Inktense).   Just a quick one to remember the moment:

magenta shoes sketch 0417

Then, to cheer myself up:  flowers!

magenta painting 041715

This is the photo I took a couple of months ago that was the inspiration for the painting.  I love to buy flowers and make my own arrangements.  There’s nothing like fresh flowers to bring positive energy to a space:

magenta flowers 041715

For the background for the painting, I took a piece of ivory lace, painted parts of it with Inktense and non-Inktense Derwent watercolor pencils, then used a few Tombow markers to color through, with the lace acting like a stencil.  You have to hit the Tombowed areas pretty fast with water to fade the spots out, especially since the palette I have is so bright.  I thought it looked nice once it was faded out, though.  

Here’s how the lace turned out:

magenta lace 041715

I am enjoying every second I can grab with an art supply in hand!  Are we thanking God for a Spring Friday?  Woot!  I hope you set your inner artist free this weekend and make something beautiful.   I’ll be looking forward to seeing it!  Happy Weekend, everyone!