Pine Warbler (#16): 100 Face Challenge

If you ever need a bright spot in January, just head over to Kathy’s place at Backyard Bird Nerd, where I was met with yet another stunner last week.

011316Birds were the first thing I became interested in drawing when I got started over a year ago, and I think they are still my favorite subjects.    I got help from Derwent’s Graphitint and Inktense lines of watercolor pencils with backup from a General’s Sketch and Wash watersoluble graphite pencil and a touch of Polychromos colored pencil to finish!    Not to mention an amazingly clear, crisp shot of a wing-ed masterpiece!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pine warbler in real life.   Isn’t he a beauty?    Thanks again, Kathy!   Happy Wednesday to all.   May yellow birds of happiness follow you everywhere you roam today!    Peace.

Draw A Bird Day (September Rewind) Tues. 9/8!

Time flies. And so did WordPress, on August 8th, when so many artists honored our feathered friends in their favorite medium.


A little birdie wanted you to know that the eighth of September occurs the day after Labor Day here in the US. If you would like to help make WordPress fly once again for the monthly rebroadcast of Draw A Bird Day (brought to our attention in April by M. R. Emberson of A-Wing and A-Way), please post your contribution then. I’ll do a recap of all of the entries once again this month, so no one will miss out on the fun!

This little painting was brought to you by the good folks at Derwent and their Inktense line of pencils, along with my Cotman travel watercolor palette.   Fly high and free! Peace.

Blue Kitty

Abstract realism is feeling more and more like my little “place in the sun”, my home, in the world of arty goodness.


I sketched Penny the other night in my art journal in colored pencil, and decided to go back in with my Cotman travel palette and splash some paint around.    I thought you might enjoy this article from The Washington Post about how making art is the new meditation.    It certainly resonated with me!

*flinging art supplies to the far reaches of the planet*   Peace.

Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shakey!

Who needs caffeine when you can wake up to this?! I ask you.   This painting from my art journal is brought to you by M. Graham watercolor pigments (cadmium yellow, phthalo blue and quinacridone violet), Neocolor water-soluble crayons, and Polychromos colored pencils.   And a good old Pitt artist pen, superfine nib.


I enjoy drawing realistically, but I’m really enjoying working abstract lately, I think, because I find art to be very therapeutic.   This type of artwork in particular seems to have a direct connection to my mind and emotions. It is so much more expressive for me right now, and freeing. And it feels good.

Just like Friday feels good! I hope you all are dancing like you mean it today! Peace.

Floral Felicity

I’m really enjoying florals as subjects right now; they’re so cheery and full of joy.   I recently painted these from a little bouquet Hub gathered together for me.   The one thing I will miss about summer is having lots of fresh flowers in the gardens ready to be painted!


The rose in the vase was done first with one of those Neocolor II water-soluble crayons I mentioned the other day, and then I added a bit of watercolor paint from my Cotman travel palette.   The top left rose was a different view of the rose in ink and watercolor.   Ignore that cosmos flower on the bottom, that was a color experiment gone horribly wrong.  🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and are looking forward to some cool, crisp air.   And weenie roasts!   Lots of those to come, too.   Peace.

Help me decide?

0629 pink purple gold yellow

I was feeling uninspired yesterday….

0629 pink yellow blue faded

until I watched a video lesson by Charles Reid on painting flowers,

0629 yellow blue

and all of the sudden I was stoked! And these paintings were the result.

0629 pinks yellow

Do you have a favorite?

I was so in the zone that I missed our local Open Studio, the first we’ve had in some time.   Hopefully, we’ll be meeting again next week.   I just couldn’t stop!   I’m starting to be happy with some of my florals in watercolor, and I couldn’t be more pleased about it.    I want to thank Jodi for the wonderful example she sets on loosening up.   Jodi, you inspire me constantly.    You all do, actually, but as I painted, I kept hearing Jodi whispering in my ear to let the water drip, keep it loose……and it worked!

Thanks again to all of you for visiting, for commenting, for encouraging me in this crazy art journey.    I appreciate you all so very much!  Happy Fourth of July week to my American friends!   Maybe I’ll paint more Fireworks at Dusk (thanks, Kirk).   Peace and puddly painty goodness to you.


I tried to paint it.   With Inktense blocks and pencils!  My favorites!

0626 1

It didn’t work so well.   But at least I took pictures before I totally wrecked it!   All’s well that ends well, I guess.   There’s also acrylic paint and gesso in there somewhere.   I’ll save you the third stage photo, where it all went awry.  hehe.

0626 2

Happy Friday to All, and to All an Arty Weekend!  Peace.


My attraction for watercolor is unquenchable! Ironic, huh?

It challenges me, it inspires me, it sometimes frustrates me, but when it works, in my mind, there is nothing more beautiful.    I thought I’d have a more detailed, larger landscape ready by this time, but I wound up going in a different direction (shocking, I know), so instead, here is another tiny painting inspired by this photo that I took the other day by the side of the road.

 0616 1

I’d hoped to get some gesture drawings of a small bunch of cows who used to hang out here, but they were all gone.       No moos in sight!    Barn was still there though, and there was a lovely thistle just begging to be included in the composition.

0616 2

I knew I wanted the barn closer in the painting than in the photo, but I think this little (2″ x 3″) sketch may have it a bit too close.   The thistle didn’t turn out quite as I’d wanted either, but that’s the nice thing about working small:  you can test out composition and color, and then decide what might work in the finished painting.  I think what I need is a larger, more detailed thistle to give the painting more depth.  I think in my case, I may need more miles on the paintbrush to make this work in a larger painting, but I’ll give it another try, hopefully soonish.

Have a happy Tuesday.     Smile like a cow in a meadow!     Chew thy cud like you mean it.   😉 Moos and peace.