Dogwood, anyone?

I promised myself by the end of autumn, I’d improve my trees! Let’s see if it happens.   Sketched our little dogwood tree in pen and then went back with the Cotman travel watercolor palette, then added a bit of watercolor pencil and Neocolor II water soluble pastels for a bit more definition in my Strathmore mixed media journal.   (Love that thing!).


Lots of improvement to make, for sure, but trees are a worthwhile subject.   🙂 Happy Wednesday to all my talented blogging friends. Peace and all the colors of autumn (and spring) to you and yours today.

Evening Eternal


Well, it was late afternoon, but I needed a post for the letter E.   🙂  

This is my attempt at sketching our little river birch tree last Memorial weekend.     It was one of those perfect afternoons, and painting outside is just so zen.    From my little art journal.   

I love trees so much, and can’t really remember a time when I didn’t.    This is just another in a long list of subjects I’d really love to be able to render well in watercolor (or any medium) one day.    There’s just something about a tree…..they have so much to teach us.    I think this can be said of so many elements of nature.    The sea is another.   We are mesmerized by it, and I believe that’s no accident.    

Happy Sunday to you and yours.    Hold somebody close today.   We could all use some more of that.   Peace.