Dogwood, anyone?

I promised myself by the end of autumn, I’d improve my trees! Let’s see if it happens.   Sketched our little dogwood tree in pen and then went back with the Cotman travel watercolor palette, then added a bit of watercolor pencil and Neocolor II water soluble pastels for a bit more definition in my Strathmore mixed media journal.   (Love that thing!).


Lots of improvement to make, for sure, but trees are a worthwhile subject.   🙂 Happy Wednesday to all my talented blogging friends. Peace and all the colors of autumn (and spring) to you and yours today.

Tree Practice

…I need more practice. But I promised myself better trees/leaves by fall’s end, so … I do find I enjoy painting both leaves and trees, so it’s all good!   Neocolors and Cotman travel palette and a very looooong football game assisted in this artwork.


Probably best to paint in the sky before the tree is painted.   Although this one kinda looks like a tree in the rain, which all of the trees are at this point, so.   Onward!

I hope you take some time to savor the smells of fall today.   Cinnamon alone is just….it really is enough.   But add nutmeg and a Granny Smith apple and do you really need another thing?   Exactly.   Peace.

This Tree looks like it wants to….leaf

My first watercolor tree attempt. I think. We could all use a laugh in the morning, so feel free. :))   This is neo II crayons and my Cotman travel palette of watercolors in my art journal.


At the beginning of summer, I promised myself to improve my florals by season’s end.  Although they’re nothing to write home about now, I do feel like there was improvement. So trees are my fall goal. And leaves! Remember BB’s 30 day leaf challenge? I’m gonna join her in that. I collected some (admittedly uninteresting) leaves on my walk today, so I’ll try drawing them later tonight.   Ours aren’t really changing yet.    Oh, but when they do……ooh.   I will have to post photos.

Peace and Happy Tuesday to all!

DIY Watercolor Journal

0907 1

I watched this YouTube video from artist Cathy Johnson a few weeks ago. It explains how to quickly make your own no-sew, inexpensive, yet high-quality watercolor journal using a sheet of watercolor paper (but you could use any paper you like). I finally had a chance to go ahead and make it yesterday.   This top image is the “cover” of my new journal, which will give me 32 pieces of 5 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ watercolor paper for my art journaling delight! Can’t beat it for the price of about $4/sheet at Blick (for Arches 140# cold-press).

0907 2

I did this ^^ painting in my store-bought art journal (which isn’t “real” watercolor paper) the night before last as kind of a warm-up to the top one.   I kind of think this one is better, with more empty space and no water-soluble crayons in the background.   A little cleaner, I guess.   Hub likes the busier one best.   Which do you like better?   Or maybe you prefer neither one.   hehe.

Looking forward to doing some plein air paintings this fall…..really gotta get my tree painting on. If anyone can recommend any books/videos on painting watercolor trees, they’d be most appreciated.

Eek!   I almost forgot Draw A Bird Day is tomorrow!    Better get flapping on that…..Happy Labor Day Monday, and peace to all.

Watercolor Wildness

I picked up a library book the other day called “Serendipity Quilts” by Susan Carlson. Flipping through the pages, a pattern really caught my eye

0811 1

so I decided to try and re-create it in watercolor and ink in my art journal!   Who needs fabric when you have beautiful pigments and a wonderful, hairy brush!

0811 2

I didn’t trace the pattern in the book; instead, I freehanded it. So it’s not all perfect and symmetrical, but it’s ok. Life’s not perfect either.  I may give this another try on watercolor paper. I think it would be fun to do a watercolor portrait of the sun and the moon. Ideally, I’d give Ms. Carlson’s idea my own twist, but we’ll see if my creative bones are working next time out.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy summer while it’s here, you summer lovers! I’m looking forward to red, yellow and orange TREES. And the smell of the LEAVES. I can’t WAIT. Oh, and football! 😀 Can’t forget that. Ooh, apple cider!  Yes, fall is my favorite season.   And it’s calling me.   🙂  Shall we call it the Autumn Dance?   We shall.  Peace.


…and rocks! Working on both.   More to come!   Hopefully, they improve.     I think I may fall in love with painting trees.    Oh, I’ve hugged many a tree in my day (mostly of the Christmas tree variety, but still…)

0724Colors  (brought to you by M. Graham):  raw umber, raw sienna, phthalo blue, sap green, ultramarine, perm. green light, burnt sienna

Happy, happy FRIDAY to us all! May there be much dancing and merriment, spilling forth into the streets and into our spirits!  *cue the tunes* 😀

Jade, Juniper

I decided to play with some greens for the letter J, and created a few small (business card sized) watercolor paintings.

0605 1

I do plan to work larger, eventually.

0605 2

Brought to you mostly by WN cobalt turquoise and MG Viridian with cobalt blue and ultramarine blue (and a few minor players, like sap green) thrown in too.

0605 3

Happy Weekend, everyone! I wish you sunshine, cool breezes, relaxation, and all of the things that mean good times to you! Peace and purple paintbrushes. ❤