Round and Round

Experimenting with magical molding paste, which covers a multitude of sins! This painting began as this piece, which I made during the summer. I was never really happy with it, so I decided to mix gesso with molding paste, cover it up, and see what else I could conjure.


After about a year of working with watercolor, I’m appreciating the properties of acrylic paint and its various mediums. I really like the idea that I can create a painting on a canvas, cover it all up and start again. This one may be covered up one day too! Nice to have that option. I’m finding watercolor paper is also a good substrate for acrylic work. Bonus!

Have a creatively fulfilling Sunday. Peace.

Charley, You’re So Majestic! (#54): 100 Face Challenge

Sometimes a photo of an animal immediately grabs me and I must draw it right away.  Johanna at Colorpencil2014 recently shared a gorgeous photo of her dog and I jumped into it right after dinner last night.


What a stately, gorgeous animal! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with this beautiful dog and my mixed media art journal last night. Thanks so much for sharing your photos, Johanna! I hope you enjoy!

Happy Weekend to all! I hope you make some time to do something that fills you with joy and satisfaction today. Peace.

Spring Colors

I recently discovered a new blog called Broken Castles here on WordPress, and the images and poetry there are quite poignant. Aries graciously gave me permission to use this black and white photo as a reference for my artwork, and so here is my loose interpretation, in the colors I love best.


I started with an underdrawing in 2B woodless graphite, and then added (you guessed it!) Neocolors. If I would have been going for a realistic result, I’d have chosen a different medium entirely (and paid more attention to form lol), but the Neos once again allowed me to quickly capture my feelings about the subject and get them down on paper.   This is why I love them so.   Thanks, Aries, for allowing me to use your lovely image!

I hope you enjoy, and that you’re anticipating the weekend with twitching tailfeathers! Peace.

Hippity, Hoppity (#53): 100 Face Challenge

Could Easter be on its way?! Maybe, now that there’s a frog on the screen. One never knows.   I want to thank my friend Donna at Bay Photos by Donna for a wonderful reference photo of my little amphibian friend.    I’m so inspired by my photographer friends here on WordPress!


This was done with a Derwent drawing pencil, as it was the closest thing around.   I really enjoy drawing with them, love the buttery smoothness, but I wish they erased better. That’s what I love about the Polychromos colored pencil: you can erase almost every color they make, unless it’s really dark. Nice bonus when working in color!

Happy, hoppy Thursday to all! Peace.


I couldn’t resist this photo of a magnolia bud shared by Bert and Rusha at Oh, the Places We See.   Some amazing photography at their site; please check it out!     Thank you, Bert and Rusha, for sharing your magnificent work with us.  This is my interpretation, in colored pencil and graphite:


I hope you enjoy. The crocuses are blooming and Lady Spring is indeed on her way. I will likely be blogging less often between now and April 15, which is my busy season in the office.

I hope you’re enjoying the blossoms wherever you are. Peace.

ABC Leap Day Finale

A very talented artist friend just finished an A to Z alphabet challenge of wildlife creatures and has assembled his beautiful artwork into a poster. It is for sale in his Society6 shop, and I just had to share it with all of you. Free worldwide shipping through Sunday, March 6! Let’s support the artists that make us smile every day with their marvelous creativity here on WordPress. Thank you!


Cat and Urchin Doodlewash

Happy Leap Day everyone! A couple of my doodlewashes just wouldn’t work in the final collection for this month’s adventure. First, while Grumpy Cat was fine as fan art, I needed a generic cat to put in my final piece, so we have this little guy instead. Also, the mythical unicorn was a bit out of place with all the reality surrounding it, so I did decide to make an urchin after all. The weird pairing shown here is simply because I didn’t feel like making two posts, but has the unintended effect of making it seem like the cat is the victim of an urchin attack.

Since cats are rather well-known, I figured I’d focus the educational tidbits today on the little urchin. One of the coolest things I found about sea urchins is their life span is typically 30 years, but can be as long as 200 years. Though they look a bit…

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Got Color?

Then roll it out! Let us seeeee your beautiful colorssss (in my Gollum voice) 😀

022916You guessed it!   More fun with Neocolors.   You can always count on it:

1.   Pick up a crayon.

2.   Scribble to your heart’s content.

3.   Light it up with water.

4.   Repeat, until your heart sings and the flowers BLOOM!

My work here is done.   With art supplies at the ready, we can go anywhere.   We can create a beautiful reality in front of us, no matter how crazy life becomes.  Bloom, people!   Thank you.   March is almost here   *applause applause*!

Cormorant for Denis! #52: 100 Face Challenge

Denis at Haiku Hound saw my recent artwork of a cormorant getting ready to take flight and kindly directed me to some wonderful images on his blog of a cormorant with wings up!


I am so drawn to these images, and have been having lots of fun drawing them, mostly in 2B graphite. Thought I’d share the only Neocolor II version I’ve come up with so far.   Thanks so much, Denis, and to all of you who inspire me daily with your poetry, photography, and artwork of all kinds.   I just soak it all up like a sponge!   Really enjoying it.

Happy Sunday! May it be a day of restoration and peace for us all!

Kaiko, Kitty (and Bookworm!) #51: 100 Face Challenge

I found Elisabet’s beautiful cat, Kaiko, one day when I was searching for cats in my WordPress Reader. Her photo really caught my eye, because Kaiko loves to read (and incidentally, so do I)!


I didn’t have time to include the book Kaiko was reading in my sketch, but if you visit Elisabet’s site at, you’ll find this dear kitty purrring along with a favorite book! I used to call my kitty with this phrase: “Is it time to read?” Wherever she was in the house, Penny would come running to snuggle and read with mama. There’s nothing like furry love, people, whether you prefer yours barking, meowing, or singing.    It’s all wonderful!

I hope everyone is having a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend. Purrs and wags to all!